Accessory Set for EvöAir Baby Carrier


A set of 3 accessories that makes the babywearing experience with the EvöAir baby carrier even more complete. A lumbar support to reduce strain on the back, leg supports to improve the comfort of the baby and the wearer and a practical belt bag to offer a little storage.


  • The lumbar support relieves tension in the back
  • Relieves the carrier's arms of the load the baby puts when carrying without straps (not hand free)
  • Lumbar support facilitate the transfer on your back
  • Support de baby's legs close to the body
  • Keep them in a ergonomic comfortable position
  • The belt bag attaches to the belt of the EvöAir baby carrier
  • It can be used alone around the waist
  • Ideal for carrying an active baby who does not want too much proximity.
  • Convenient in hot weather to allow a little distance.
  • Designed in Canada.
Designed In North America
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