Why is my baby grumbling?

Wondering why your baby is breathing a bit like a grumbling little pig? Well, it's not uncommon at all for a young child to have noisy breathing without actually having an underlying infection.

A newborn baby can be embarrassed by secretions that have built up in their airways during pregnancy and must be expelled after birth. He may – by reflex and involuntarily - sneeze, cough or swallow.

 However, if he remains uncomfortable and if it interferes with his sleep or his feedings, parents are strongly suggested to use saline water 3 times a day before feedings in order to liquefy the secretions and facilitate their release. Using a nasal aspirator often helps mom or dad complete the nasal cleanse by sucking up secretions that are stickier and deeper into the nasal cavity.

The Rinö by bblüv, a Battery-Operated Nasal Aspirator that can be held in one hand with continuous sucking, is very appreciated by parents for the practicality and effectiveness when relieving their baby. 

Try it, and you will love it!

See you soon,

Marie Fortier, the baby expert