Babywearing under the sun

Babywearing under the sun

Babywearing under the sun

Summer is right around the corner, dear superhero moms, and with it, comes the sizzling heat waves. Don’t let the heat lower your style and your desire to enjoy the nice weather with your little ones!  

The sun and its burning challenges: 

Oh, the heatwave...The moment where the sun transforms itself into a giant heater and where the moment you have to get out of the house seems to be a veritable obstacle course. Between heat strokes, excessive sweating and babies who refuse to sleep elsewhere than on your chest, it’s hard to find the balance. Thankfully, it’s possible to babywear, even during the summer! Some security measures must be followed to avoid heat stroked for your baby and yourself. 


Security measures in hot weather: 

  • Avoid exposing baby directly to the ray of sunshine. Even while babywearing, we cover baby’s head with a stylish hat. Explore shadowy parks and fresh locations of your city. You will be able to enjoy outdoors with your family while avoiding sunburns.
  • Make sure to increase your and your baby’s water intake. By the way, if you are breastfeeding, your breastmilk adapts itself to the outdoor temperature for the purpose to adjust its composition and to assure the best hydration for your baby. In addition, it’s possible to breastfeed while babywearing!
  • Forget the outings when a heatwave rages. If you can’t get out of it (you get the word game here!), try to do 15minutes babywearing periods at most.
  • Adapt your and your little one’s clothes. Speaking of babywearing, the EvöAir has thermoregulator fabric that allows an optimal airway circulation during your outing.
  • Find the way to cool off; There is no such thing as following your toddler in the water play park while having your baby secure against you. At the end of the day, everyone goes for the water streams without compromising your toddler and your baby’s security.


We can indeed enjoy summertime to do great hikes: The EvöAir baby carrier is perfect for belly-to-belly babywear, as well as on your back with your toddler. The progressive feature is helpful to vary different positions, but also to adapt your babywearing according to your little one’s age.  

Let’s enjoy our beautiful local trails to do family activities, especially to create memories, all cuddled up to your children. Your baby and your little hikers (who get tired very quickly!) will be able to enjoy their time thanks to a baby carrier that suits the climate. 


Of course, there is outdoor activities. But what about indoors? It’s possible to stay inside to enjoy the AC while grocery shopping, spending a longer time at the mall or simply staying at home. For every situation, a breathable baby carrier will be useful to have your hands free, without feeling like you are sweating profusely. 

Needless to say; we need to be cautious for cold snaps caused by an inadequate air conditioning system. The AC is way too cold at the shopping center and it feels like being at the North pole?  


Security measures in cold weather: 

  • Slightly cover baby, especially the little feet that cool down very rapidly in babies
  • Try to not place baby directly in cold airstreams (If you babywear with the EvöAir, there is nothing easier than letting the panel in place)
  • Avoid placing an air conditioning unit directly in baby’s nursery (or the parents’ room if you co sleep!). It’s preferred to use a fan to cool down the room.

Summer arrival does heat up our heats, for little-ones and grown-ups! So, make sure to enjoy every happy moment with your family this summer while keeping in mind the safety measures to babywear in hot weather.  


Dear parents, enjoy babywearing, but mostly enjoy cuddles with your young children!  


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