Mathieu Louis Tremblay, bblüv president

Mathieu Tremblay is a co-founder and the president of bblüv. The company has experienced significant growth since 2016 thanks to a solid, experienced team inspired by its president’s drive.

In addition to heading the company, Mathieu Tremblay leads its innovation and research & development divisions, and he develops and maintains its strategic partnerships. A determined entrepreneur, he participates in numerous Canadian growth acceleration programs and in round tables to position his company at the forefront of innovative business practices. He is in charge of relations with investors and Canadian economic organizations and he maintains a presence at North American, European and Asian trade shows. The bblüv products are distributed in over 20 countries.

Over the years, Mathieu Tremblay has developed solid international relations, notably with China. He also founded the bblüv Hong Kong and bblüv China affiliates to extend bblüv’s influence globally, as well as locally on the Chinese market.

The products of bblüv Group Inc. are distributed in Canada and the U.S. via Cariboo Distribution, which was also founded by Mathieu Tremblay. In other parts of the world, bblüv products are distributed through a network of well-established childcare product distributors, web platforms and national chains. As close-knit as a family, this network acts both as a pillar and a growth accelerator for the bblüv brand around the world.

The success of bblüv is notably built on its president’s desire to develop solid, lasting business partnerships both in Canada and abroad. Mathieu also shares his expertise by supporting several Quebec companies in their growth and international relations. In 2018 and 2019, he took part in three trade missions to China. During that same time period, he received several invitations from the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM) to give talks as part of the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP). Mathieu is a member of The President’s Table (BDC), member of Export Montréal-Ouest (ExMO), a regional export promotion organization (ORPEX), and he has participated in SME Passport (2018), Parcours innovation (2019) and Parcours Aplomb (2020), which gave him the opportunity to refine and apply, internationally, the experience he acquired on the Chinese and other markets.